Car accidents are never fun, but they inevitably happen, even to the best of drivers. Depending on how serious they are, they can ruin everything from the paint on your car to your entire suspension system. That’s why it’s important for you to be prepared in case an accident ever happens to you.  

Our factory-trained technicians in our nearby Mazda service center have compiled a short list of things to know if you get into an accident.

Find Safety 

Being safe before, during, and after an accident occurs is extremely important. One of the best ways to remain safe right off the bat is by making sure your car offers advanced safety technology like adaptive cruise control or blind spot monitoring.

After an accident, make sure to check if you or your passengers have any injuries. If you’re able, move to the side of the road, exit your Mazda vehicle carefully, and make sure to stay as calm as possible.  

Start Documenting 

If you find that there are no major injuries, begin documenting the accident. Take photos, record videos, or interview others involved to help your insurance company file a strong claimAlso, make sure to exchange information with other drivers who were involved in the accident. 

File for Insurance Compensation  

Depending on the type of insurance you have, who is at fault, and local laws, your pathway to resolution after an accident is varied. That’s why it’s important to maintain detailed documentation right after an accident occurs so your insurance company can handle the rest.  

Our Mazda dealership near Bonita Springs employs expert technicians who can repair your damaged car with OEM parts. You can rest easy knowing that you will not be alone if you get into an accident.