Engine failure can be due to a variety of problems. Whether you have internal damage or you need to replace your belts and hoses, it’s best to get your engine looked as soon as possible.

Luckily, our Mazda parts experts are always ready to make sure your car’s belts and hoses are working at their best. We’re also fully capable of repairing and replacing them if necessary.

Why are Belts and Hoses Important? 

Belts and hoses prevent your engine from overheating and make sure your power steering and electrical systems stay in-tact. Important fluids like coolant run through these complex hosing systems, so it’s important that they remain clean and undamaged.

Service Tips for Belts and Hoses 

Unlike other components in your car, your belts and hoses may require expensive repairs if they aren’t properly taken care of. 

You can monitor the condition of your belts and hoses by routinely looking inside your engine or paying close attention to how your vehicle runs. You can also:

  • Check your coolant recovery tank if you feel that your car is overheating. See if you have enough coolant by seeing if the fluid reaches its marks on the tank.  
  • Check your hoses while the engine is cool. Inspect each hose closely and look for cracks, nicks, or bulges. Also check to see if they are fraying.
  • Pay close attention to the upper radiator hose, which is known for failing most often. 
  • Check for cracks, fraying, or splits on all of your belts.  

Bring Your Car to Our Service Center 

We highly recommend bringing your car or SUV to our Mazda service center whenever you need a repair or replacement. We can help diagnose and repair all types of issues with belts and hoses. Pay a visit to O’Brien Mazda of Fort Myers today!