As spring arrives in Fort Myers, FL, drivers everywhere are de-cluttering the messes that normally stem from winter. As you begin your spring cleaning journey, don’t forget to sanitize your vehicle, inside and out.

If you’re searching for tips on how to spring clean your vehicle, pay a visit to our Mazda service department for expert advice. 

Cleaning the Air Conditioner 

During winter, your car’s air conditioning system attracts tons of debris and dirt. This could be a major reason why you sneeze so much during this time of the year.

As you prepare to crank your air conditioning this spring and summer, take some time to replace the cabin filter so you can enjoy fresh, clean air.

Cleaning the Undercarriage

With so much grime laying on the ground during winter, your car tends to pick it all up, making the underside of your Mazda vehicle extremely muddy. Some of the grime may even be hazardous to your car’s paint, causing irreparable damage like premature rusting.

We recommend thoroughly washing the undercarriage of your car so it’s more than prepared for spring and summer.

Cleaning the Cabin 

With spring underway, now is the best time to clean your car’s interior. Start by removing and cleaning the floor mats to remove any dirt or crumbs. Sanitize all interior surfaces with a quality disinfectant that is specifically made for cars.

Don’t forget to throw away any trash and debris left in the cabin, particularly in tight spaces.  

Our Mazda service experts can help with all of your spring cleaning needs. We can easily install a new cabin filter and help you clean the underside of your Mazda vehicle. Visit O’Brien Mazda of Fort Myers today to learn how you can care for your vehicle this spring!